College…Not so cheap after all!

1910121_107041319580_5265004_nFor students here at Gardner-Webb University it is lucky to be on full scholarship.  This is a necessity for some because their families could not afford to send them to college. It is easier for athletes to gain scholarships than non-athletes so the search began to find out how do non-athletes afford schooling here. There are a variety of ways to pay for college, but what of people whose parents did not save up the money for them to go.  To get all of these questions answered I interviewed an intelligent young lady here at Gardner-Webb University.
Jennifer Law is a young lady from Pfafftown, NC.  She is a junior here at Gardner-Webb and lives in the Spangler dorm. She comes from a big family and has already had two sisters make it through college on their own and two in college now including her. “Growing up I knew I would have to find my own way to pay for school.” says the young woman.
When asked about how she heard of the school I got a surprising answer, “Well my neighbor had been getting mail from the school so I applied online and got right in!”
Still after she got in she needed to figure out a way to pay for school, knowing that Gardner-Webb is not as cheap as others with a yearly tuition of 22,000.  Jennifer Law is one of the few students here that has the Presidential University Fellows Scholarship which pays for her tuition, room, and board. “It was not an easy scholarship to get; I had to be interviewed by three professors, get recommendations, and write an essay.” says Miss Law. She has to earn this scholarship by maintaining her very high G.P.A. a feat that is not easy one can tell you.
Also she has many jobs around campus to allow her pockets some spending money.  She is a resident attendant in Spangler dorm, a lab teacher’s assistant for the biology department, a tutor, and a peer leader.  She says her work keeps her very busy but she still has enough free time to hang out with friends.
Jennifer is currently majoring in biology with a double minor in health science and chemistry.  She plans to use her degree to get into Medical School so that she may one day become a pediatrician. She has done her research on many different medical school she might attend and ways to pay for them “Trust me I have done my research.” she said with a smile on her face.  She also interviewed a couple of pediatricians and medical school students and plans to shadow some pediatricians next summer.  Surely she has a bright future ahead of her.

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