‘Devilreaux’ Review

To expand upon my quick thoughts in the video, Devilreaux is an indie horror film written and directed by Thomas J. Churchill (Amityville Uprising). Featuring Vincent M. Ward, Tony Todd, Jon Bridell, and Krista Grotte Saxon. The story follows police detective Lt. Bobbie Briggs as she seeks to uncover the truth behind a recent slew of murders and their connection to the Turner Family’s dark past.

In New Orleans, Louisiana a store owner shows her new Devilreaux merchandise to her boyfriend. Though she is excited her boyfriend is apprehensive about the product. After hearing a rustle in the back of the store she goes to check it out thinking her cat has knocked over her surprise for him. While in the back of the store, Devilreaux (Vincent M. Ward) kills her. When her boyfriend turns around to see what happened he is also killed.

At the hospital, Lt. Briggs (Krista Grotte Saxon) calls her boyfriend Peter Turner (Jon Briddell), and says she’ll be late for dinner. She then meets with a trauma patient named Lexy (Monaye Moyes) who had been hit by a car. She gives her a lie detector test and asks her how she arrived at the hospital. Lexy says she and her friends were attacked by an unknown assailant after trying to summon a spirit. When Briggs questions if she killed her friends Lexy states that it was Devilreaux.

I am a big fan of horror and one of my favorite horror icons is Tony Todd. He is known for playing the terrifying Daniel Robitaille/Candyman in the Candyman franchise and the cryptic mortician William Bludworth in the Final Destination franchise. Both of those roles are exemplary so when I saw that he had a new horror movie coming out I jumped at the chance to watch it. Sadly it was a bait and switch as Todd is barely in the film and his name was probably put on posters to lure in his fans.

I don’t believe that any writer, director, or producer sets out to make a bad movie. Sometimes things just don’t come together how they were envisioned. That being said, this movie is awful. One of the worst films I have had the pleasure of suffering through. The sets look cheap, the dialogue is awful, and the acting is embarrassingly bad. I have seen fan films that were put together better than this movie.

The way the movie is edited doesn’t work at all. About a third through the movie we get a 30-minute flashback showing the creation of Devilreaux – which is where we see Todd. On a side note, it’s a shame that they got the great Tony Todd and didn’t let him play or voice the villain. During this flashback, we see a lot of the slaves being forced to work, but they aren’t picking cotton or cleaning houses. They are shown stroking tools against the ground for no reason. Not a single crop in sight. It’s also during this era that see a character is stabbed in the back with an axe, but when the camera cuts to the front of him his face is covered in blood. That kind of mistake is inexcusable. After this lengthy trip back in time the movie shifts back to the present as Briggs continues working on her case. Ending on a good note, I do like the look of Devilreaux. His design is similar to depictions of Baron Samedi and Papa Legba from Haitian Vodou. While Vodou is present in the movie, there is no mention of either Iwa in the story, aside from the “coincidence” that Devilreaux’s human name was Baron.

Sometimes movies can be so awful that they cross over into the funny territory i.e. The Room. Unfortunately, Devilreaux is not one of those movies. This feature is so bad that I wanted to keep my eyes closed until it was over! Devilreaux is a Failure at 0/10. Don’t waste your money on this one. After viewing the flick, I was able to speak with the star, Vincent M. Ward, and I can at least say that he is a wonderful person. It would be a better use of your time to simply watch that interview than any bit of this movie.

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