Life Update

So for those who have continued to follow me over the years you should know that I have officially reached certified critic status! As a member of the press I am now invited to advanced screenings (no more waiting in line) and also receive links for certain films and television series. Occasionally I get press boxes from studios, but not as many as I’d like. Hopefully that will improve. I am currently a member of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), Black Film Critics Circle (BFCC) and accredited with Allied-THA. My wife and I are land owners and expect to start building our house any year now. The COVID-19 Pandemic put a halt on that process. My wife and I also have a lovely daughter named Jenesis. She can be a handful, but she is worth it. I split my time between taking care of her, teaching, and writing. In other news I am an author with three self-published children’s books available in the Flipfrog Books page of this site. The plan is to release at least one book a year. Lately I have started collecting Funko Pops. I plan to have them decorate my office space when our house is built. I still do not have a Nintendo Switch, but I might buy a PS5 when God of War Ragnarök comes out. Hopefully there is a cheaper more compact version by then. Currently working on some other things that I’ll keep secret for now, but in the meantime, I love the continued support. Hopefully the next update will come sooner than three years!

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