Is Artemis in ‘God of War Ragnarök’?

When the God of War franchise started it took place in Ancient Greece. We got to see most of the mythology associated with Greece during Kratos’ quest to take down the gods of Olympus. With the new series, the creators wanted to change things up and switch to a new mythology. In God of War (2018), Kratos is now in Scandinavia contending with the Æsir and Vanir gods of Norse mythology. However, that didn’t stop Athena from showing up and giving Kratos grief for the damage he did in his past. With her showing up in Midgard to chastise Kratos, it makes sense to believe that other Olympian gods might do so as well.

Kratos sees Athena, God of War (2018) [Credit: Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment]

Kratos didn’t kill every Olympian god or Titan that appeared in God of War’s Greek saga. Shown survivors of Kratos’ wrath include Rhea, Atlas, Thera, Typhon, Hyperion, Eos, Morpheus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Artemis, along with many other unseen Olympians. The aforementioned Athena was killed on accident by Kratos, however, she returned in God of War III as an ascended being. While many of these gods made minor appearances in the games it would make sense that they would harbor some hatred for Kratos as he destroyed their home and murdered their loved ones. While he did have good reason to kill some of them, others were merely casualties of war. Just as the evils of Pandora’s Box clouded the judgment of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, it makes sense that the other gods could have been affected as well. With Athena’s permission or instruction, they could travel to Midgard and try to get revenge.

Kratos fights a Cervitaur, God of War Ragnarök [Credit: Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment]

During the new trailer for God of War Ragnarök, Kratos can be seen fighting a feminine Cervitaur in the snowy terrain of Fimbulwinter. A Cervitaur is a Centaur-like being with deer features instead of horse features. A Cervitaur also closely resembles the implied appearance of Artemis in the God of War Universe. Artemis is the Olympian goddess of the Hunt, therefore, making her the best surviving Olympian to hunt down the Ghost of Sparta. She would also feel a strong sense of betrayal from Kratos as he is her half-brother and she helped him out during the events of God of War by giving him her personal blade as a gift. Having more Olympians show up in Midgard would be a great addition to the lore of the game as I’m sure Odin and Thor wouldn’t mind if someone else took Kratos and Atreus off their hands. Hopefully, it is her and not just another cannon fodder enemy for Kratos to kill.

Artemis Concept Art [Credit: Andy Park]

Do you think Artemis and other Olympian gods that survived Kratos’ wrath will appear in God of War Ragnarök? Do you think Athena will appear again? Leave your thoughts below.

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