‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ “Wizard City” Review

To expand upon my quick thoughts in the video, Adventure Time: Distant LandsWizard City” is an amazing final episode for the Adventure Time follow-up. This episode follows the young Peppermint Butler, now going by Pepper Mint, as he starts as an inexperienced student at Wizard School to attempt to relearn magic after he was transformed into a baby by Gumbald’s “dum dum” Juice.

To efficiently talk about this episode there will be spoilers so do not continue reading if you don’t want the twist ruined.

So, the episode starts out years before the events of “Together Again.” The young Pepper Mint is traveling to Wizard City, a place we learned he was previously banned from, to attend Wizard School. We get to meet fun background characters from the previous show such as Choose Goose and Abracadaniel as well as new characters such as Abracadebera. When people in the school start to disappear, Pepper Mint tries his best to make sure the blame doesn’t fall on him and ends up saving the day and learning a valuable lesson about expectations. The episode is a homage to the Harry Potter franchise and it works very well. The premise could have easily been stretched into a full-length spinoff series as wizards were recurring characters throughout the original series.

The episode gets pretty dark as many characters are shown dying. Even the school bully meets a gruesome end, which probably wouldn’t have made the cut on Cartoon Network. The story also somewhat copies “Gold Stars” as Pepper Mint is possessed by Peppermint Butler just as Sweet P. was possessed by the Lich. Peppermint Butler is trying his best to make sure his young self becomes just like him. This might bother some fans of the show as it feels like lazy writing, but I feel it worked under the circumstances of the story.

The best part about the episode is the relationship between Pepper Mint and Abracadebera. It’s a story done numerous times when a friendship buds because one wore the other down with their upbeat personality. Pepper Mint thinks he’s better than Abracadebera and the other students because of his true origins, but quickly finds out he is indeed the weakest student. This contrasts brilliantly with the masterful skills his original persona had in the dark arts. We even learn that Peppermint Butler was more powerful than Adventure Time ever revealed. Abracadebera is easily the highlight of the show. Even though she is a powerful wizard, she prefers to do stage magic and sleight of hand tricks, seeing them as more fun than real magic.

Some interesting details about the show include the waiving snail being possessed by the Lich and the post-credits scene with Choose Goose as both characters are dead in “Together Again.” It would have also been nice if we found out more about the “bone spell” the adult Pepper Mint was using Finn and Jake’s bones for. Maybe answers to those details are being saved for a future season or the recently announced Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake.

I give “Wizard City” a Superb 5/5. It’s a fun ending to this limited series that arguably should have come before the previous episode. It would be nice if Adventure Time: Distant Lands receives another season as their are tons of characters and stories that are still left to explore.

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