‘A Quiet Place’ Review

A Quiet PlaceA Quiet Place is a horror film starring and directed by John Krasinski, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. The film stars Emily Blunt (Krasinski’s real-life spouse) Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and follows a family of four who must try to remain as silent as possible while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. John Krasinski does a fantastic job in his third directorial outing. As the saying goes, the third time’s the charm, and A Quiet Place will most certainly break Krasinki’s streak of receiving mixed to negative reviews for his directorial efforts. He manages to capture the sheer horror and tension of all the characters. Knowing that a small sound could possibly bring about a horrible death is felt by the audience as well as the characters. This creates great moments of suspense and fear when someone makes a loud mistake so to speak. The scenes are also excellently shot. Focusing more on the characters faces so that the viewers can see their expressions more clearly. Since most of the film is quiet, much of the tension is built up by Marco Beltrami’s score instead of dialogue. It accompanies each scene and character flawlessly and especially stands out with Regan Abbott because there is no sound at all when viewers witness events from her point of view. John Krasinski turns in a phenomenal performance as Lee Abbott. This role was made for him for obvious reasons. Lee is a survivalist who focuses on making sure his family lives each day. He knows what can happen when things go wrong and does his best to provide for his family and keep them safe. Krasinski portrays Lee as a very loving man with a quiet strength about him. The way he emotes with his eyes and body language is fantastic. Emily Blunt also does a fine job as Lee’s wife, Evelyn. She has very believable chemistry with Krasinski which is helped by the fact that they are husband and wife in real life. While Lee does most of the physical work, Evelyn seeks to ensure that their children are fully-formed, fully-thinking people in a world where they can’t always use their words. Speaking of the children, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe are fantastic as Regan and Marcus. Seeing what it is like for children in this world adds necessary layers to help the horror aspect of the film. Regan is shown as having a tense relationship with her father due to a previous mistake that she hasn’t forgiven herself for. Even though he doesn’t blame her she doesn’t truly believe it since he tries to do more stuff with Marcus. What’s great about Regan is that, like Millicent, she is deaf, so she can’t hear when the monsters are near. This makes some scenes even tenser for the viewer as she has an additional handicap for surviving the monsters. Marcus is shown as more fearful than his sister and would rather spend most of his time at the house with their mother. He’s deeply afraid of the creatures as he knows firsthand what they are capable of. Lee tries to spend more time with Marcus to help him get over his fear since there is no place for it if he is to survive. The story is reminiscent of an old Twilight Zone episode. We meet the Abbotts on day 81 after an unknown event in which the creatures started to attack. No other information is given about what the creatures are or where they came from aside from newspaper clippings seen on the ground and posted in Lee’s communication room. This lack of insight also adds to the scariness of the story as the viewers know only what the characters know. For a smaller film, the creature design is pretty decent and does a great job at showing how the creatures have such great hearing. The only negatives about the film are that some characters make stupid decisions (as with other horror films) and there is some inconsistency to what sounds the creatures can hear. I give A Quiet Place a Decent 8.5/10. This is one of the best horror films in years with some scenes that may need to be watched through your fingers.

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