‘Creed II’ – Will Apollo’s Other Children Appear In The Sequel?

Adonis v Vitor

Creed is a phenomenal film with a great story and lots of emotion. Director Ryan Coogler did a great job at putting the Rocky franchise back in the spotlight with the film grossing over $110 million at the global box office and earning Sylvester Stallone an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Of course, many fans have been dying to know when a sequel would be released. Ryan Coogler stated that he was interested in making a sequel if the right story came along and Sylvester Stallone, the writer, and star of the first six films, was right there with him. Creed II was originally slated to be released in November 2017 but was delayed due to Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan’s involvement in Black Panther.

Coogler, Stallone, and Jordan on the set of ‘Creed’ [Credit: Warner Bros.]

This didn’t stop Stallone however as he began to write a draft of the sequel which would see Dolph Lundgren reprising his role as Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and have Adonis go toe to toe with Ivan’s son, Vitor. For those who have seen Rocky IV and Creed, you will know that Drago killed Adonis’ father, Apollo, in an exhibition match. In October of 2017, Stallone stated on his Instagram page that he would direct the film, however, in December of that year, Steven Caple Jr. (The Land) was announced as the director of Creed II with Ryan Coogler serving as executive producer. Cheo Hodari Coker (showrunner of Luke Cage) was also brought on to help Stallone with the original screenplay. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jordan confirmed that Creed II was his next project. Romanian boxer, Florian Munteanu, has been cast as Vitor Drago with Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad expected to return as Bianca and Mary Anne Creed, respectively. Hopefully, Brigitte Nielsen makes an appearance as Ludmilla Vobet Drago for continuity sake, lest she suffers the same fate as Adrian and Adonis’ biological mother.

Apollo's Children
Apollo and Mary Anne’s children in ‘Rocky II’ [Credit: United Artists]

With Mary Anne playing some role in the sequel it does beg the question: will Apollo’s other two children make an appearance as well? It was briefly shown in Rocky II that Apollo and Mary Anne had a young son and daughter. They were also shown to be with Mary Anne at Apollo’s funeral in Rocky IV. While there is no mention of them in Creed, it is hard to believe that we will not have the characters appear in the sequel, especially since their younger brother is now an international boxing celebrity following in their father’s footsteps. The age difference between Adonis and his siblings is probably 10-15 years. Hiring two actors who have worked with Jordan and are within that age range would be ideal. The best bet would be to hire Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira, who starred alongside Jordan in Black Panther. Boseman and Gurira have a great brother-sister like chemistry in Black Panther which would crossover well into Creed II. Also, with Black Panther currently having the fifth largest opening of all time, reuniting the cast could do nothing but help the sequel. Maybe they could find a role for Lupita Nyong’o as well!

Danai and Chadwick
Danai Gurira and Chadwick Boseman [Credit: Vanity Fair]

Creed II is due to hit theaters on November 21, 2018.

Would you like for Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira to appear in Creed II? Are you comfortable with Steven Caple Jr. taking over as the director? Leave your comments below!


  1. I think apollos other children have to be in the film but it would be an idea for creed 3 that apollos other son is also a boxer fighting under a different name also and and adonis and he’s half brother have a showdown that could make for a great creed 3

  2. I believe Apollo’s other son does actually appear in Creed though it is only mentioned briefly. He is the trainer of the fighter named Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler and it is only mentioned in the short clip of the tv show about Conlan.

    • That was Tony “Little Duke” Evers that trains Wheeler in Creed and Creed II. He is the son of Creed’s and later Rocky’s trainer Tony “Duke” Evers.

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