Rick and Morty “The ABC’s of Beth” Review

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Wow…all I can say is wow! “The ABC’s of Beth” is the episode we have been waiting for. This was a great episode and for the first time this season every member of the family got a decent amount of screen time. The main plot involving Rick and Beth was hilarious. We find out that Rick (possibly every version of Rick) created an alternate dimension called Froopy Land for Beth to play in as a child. The dimension is 100% safe and the gateway is opened by drawing a door with special chalk, reminiscent of ChalkZone. Rick takes Beth back to Froopy Land after she tells the family that she thinks her childhood best friend, Tommy, may be trapped there. We later learn that she is correct and that Beth is the reason he is trapped there. As it turns out, Beth was a psychotic child and Rick made Froopy Land to protect the neighborhood children from her. This was a twist I did not see coming, but it makes sense considering the fact the Beth is being shown as increasingly more like Rick. The subplot with Morty, Summer, and Jerry was very entertaining. We learn that Jerry has been dating an alien huntress named Keara. While the relationship looks healthy on the surface, we later learn that Jerry started dating Keara to make Beth jealous. During their time together we see a great action scene where Keara is fighting an alien in the background while Jerry talks to his kids. The fight is very similar to the fight Spider-Man has with the Lizard in the library during The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s almost saddening to see how unhealthy Jerry’s attachment to Beth is. He could easily be happy if he moved on, but he just won’t let himself do that. The same can go for Beth as well. She continually blames her father for her behavior and Rick accepts that he was a terrible father, but at the same time, she won’t accept that she is just like him. It was nice to see she finally admitted it this episode and has come to accept it. It was also interesting to note that this Beth knows Rick C-137 is not her real father and that there are infinite versions of herself in other timelines. I give “The ABC’s of Beth” a Superb 5/5! Like other Rick and Morty episodes, we are left with many questions. The main one being if this Beth stayed with her family or decided to leave a clone or robot in her place. Maybe we’ll find out in a later season if even at all.

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