‘IT’ Review


When I was a child I saw the original IT mini-series on television. It (the mini-series and the clown) frightened me so much that I was unable to use the bathroom without the shower curtain open for years to come. I was always afraid Pennywise would be there waiting to snatch me up! Now, that I’m an adult and I’m over those illogical fears, I was excited to see this updated version of IT. Based off of the Stephen King novel of the same name, IT tells the story of a group of kids, who dub themselves the Losers Club, who begin to investigate the many disappearances that have been plaguing their hometown Derry, Maine for years. I really enjoyed this film even though it did not scare me one bit. The film was like a combination of Bad News Bears meets Stranger Things, which is fitting because of the fact that Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard, also stars in IT. While the film did not scare me, I did find it rather creepy and can see how a child would be completely horrified by the imagery in this film. This is mostly due to Bill Skarsgård’s performance as the menacing clown. The way he moved and drooled as he spoke was threatening and funny at the same time. His eyes looked as if they were looking past the children and into their souls. Some of his movements were touched up with CGI flawlessly. All of the children in the Losers Club were terrific and have bright futures ahead of them. Watching them come together on-screen was both believable and fun to see. The director does a great job at keeping the focus of the film on each of the children. In contrast, we do not get too much time with the adults of Derry. This is good because we get to see how the children actually behave around each other, which is accentuated by the language that they use in conversation. Each kid had a distinct personality and they played off of each other very well, making the group of friends even more believable. In my opinion, the stand out actress was Sophia Lillis, who portrays Beverly Marsh. She brings the right amount of fear and strength to her version of the character. Her scenes with Beverly Marsh’s father and Pennywise were shot and scored in a very dramatic way, which brought more weight to what was happening. The audience wasn’t quite sure how the scenes would turn out even if they had read the original source material. I give IT a Decent 8.4/10. Even though I was not scared by IT (the clown and the film), I had a great time at the theater. I heard more laughs from the audience of this film than I did in The Hitman’s Bodyguard. I’m excited about the sequel and hope that some of the Losers Club get their ideal adult selves to be cast.


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