Rick and Morty “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” Review

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Finally we get a Rick and Jerry episode. After not seeing Jerry the past two episodes, it was nice for us to get an update on how his life is going and it was just as horrible as we expected. “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” was the perfect episode to give us some insight into Jerry’s relationship with Rick. Due to Morty pitying his father, he gets Rick to take him out on an adventure to cheer him up. However, since Rick knows Jerry would most likely die, he takes him to a space resort where all the inhabitants are immortal as long as they are on the property. The reason Rick takes Jerry here is a nice callback to “Mortynight Run”, where Rick admits that “Jerrys don’t tend to last five minutes off of Earth”. There are a lot of laughs to be had at the resort. Especially when things start to head south. The bits here are a satire on how rich people can sometimes horrible parents. Knowing how much Jerry truly loves Beth, its sad to watch as Rick breaks him down at every turn. We find out that Jerry still blames Rick for ruining his marriage and that Rick blames Jerry for ruining his daughter’s life. It’s the typical story of the father not thinking the daughter’s husband is good enough for her. While this may be true considering who Rick is in the universe, it was still harsh for him to take all of his anger out on Jerry. Its like he knows its really his fault she’s with Jerry because he wasn’t around much when she was younger. Thus she had issues with men in her life and settled. Also, there’s the fact that Jerry got Beth pregnant on prom night, which Rick is clearly still livid about. This leads us into the B story involving Beth, Morty, and Summer. It’s becoming clear that Beth’s horrible parenting skills stem from her father Rick. She’s no better of a parent than he was to her. She has a hard time connecting with her children and cares more about pleasing her father so that he won’t leave her again. Morty lets her know that if she keeps in with that line of thinking, she will lose her family entirely. Overall this episode was hilarious and offered much more insight into how horrible of a person Rick actually is. He cares little about the lives he destroys as long as he comes out on top. His intelligence is really a gift and a curse as its what keeps getting him in these predicaments to begin with. Yet, thanks to his intelligence, he is always able to get out scott free. I give “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” a Superb 5/5! It’s interesting that we keep getting to see more of Morty’s dark side. He’s becoming more and more like Rick every episode. Maybe we will get more insight into that this season as well.

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