‘Hit & Run’ Review

Sometimes you don’t expect a movie to be good, you just watch it so that you can get a quick laugh. A quick laugh is exactly what Hit & Run is. The movie stars Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rosenbaum, and Tom Arnold. The plot is very basic and not confusing at all; get my girlfriend to Los Angeles for a job interview. While watching the film I just thought it was a car show with a few mediocre jokes thrown in. Most of the movie is chase scenes and donuts. The acting is sub-par even though there are seasoned actors in the movie. I’m pretty sure that they all just did the movie for fun and didn’t expect it to make a lot of money. The film only had a budget of $2 million, to begin with, so they couldn’t be that extravagant. Dax Shepard’s character Charlie is a very likable guy. He clearly loves his girlfriend and would do anything to keep their relationship going strong.  He would risk going back to L.A. just so she can be happy knowing that it could be bad for him. Also, he did he best to keep his past from her knowing that it might affect their relationship for the worse. Kristen Bell plays Charlie’s extremely smart girlfriend Annie who could definitely do better. Tom Arnold plays a klutzy U.S. Marshall who yells a lot. Michael Rosenbaum plays Annie’s obsessive ex and Bradley Cooper (who by the way pulls off the white boy dreads very well) plays Charlie’s ex-partner in crime seeking revenge.  The movie has jokes that are either hit or miss. Some are pretty funny and the others are pointless.  Also, I felt as if the movie had an abrupt start and then came to an abrupt end. When the movie started there were never any opening credits, it just started and in the end its just over. The plot was pretty much a highway. It played in a straight line with us taking only two exits for restroom breaks. This was a fun little movie that I think was better suited for a straight to DVD release. I would definitely recommend that audiences wait until this movie is at a Redbox or on Netflix before they consider watching.  In the end, though I have seen worse movies, example M. Night Shyamalan’s  The Last Airbender. (He ruined my childhood in an hour and a half!) With its very basic plot and sometimes funny jokes, I give Hit & Run a Normal 5/10.

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