‘Prometheus’ Review

A female figure in silhouette before an enormous statue of a humanoid head

Prometheus is a film that is set within the same universe as the Alien and Predator franchises. The film itself serves as a prequel to the Alien movies by showing more of a backstory to the fan-dubbed “space jockeys”.  The story starts with archeologists finding a star map that is the same as many different other ancient cultures around the globe. It then flashes forward four years to the spaceship Prometheus on its way to the moon that the map details. They set about exploring the moon for answers only for things to go horribly wrong and they have to make their escape before the entire human race is doomed. This is a plot that has been used many times and is filled with the same clichés, but even knowing how things are going to pan out I couldn’t turn away for a second. I wanted to see exactly how things were going to go down and what was going to happen next.  Many of the characters in the film were worthless obviously being there just to die, but a few stuck out. The breakout character for me was Idris Elba as Janek, the Captain of the Prometheus vessel. Even though his role was minor it was very memorable. One scene in particular with him and Charlize Theron’s character  Meredith Vickers. Charlize’s character was another one I liked. She was very mysterious and business-like throughout the entire film. She was not one for exploring and only wanted to make sure things went according to plan. Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace were great as David, the ship’s android and Elizabeth Shaw the lead scientist. Fassbender’s emotionless android was very interesting to watch. He seemed intrigued by humans and loved to study them. Acting as he did not care about them at first even going as far to infect one of them with a foreign substance, to later showing signs of relief knowing that Elizabeth Shaw did not perish. Noomi’s  did well rounding out her character as more than just a scientist. She is shown to have some survival skills. This was probably taught to her in her youth which is briefly shown in one of the films opening scenes. Prometheus is a visually beautiful film that is a treat for the eyes. The landscapes shown are wide and vast mostly covered in rocks and rivers. The film is interesting enough to keep you watching, searching for clues that tie it to Alien; which by the way there are quite a few. It does well enough to leave certain questions unanswered for the reason of possibly warranting a sequel, which I see as very likely.  I give Prometheus a Decent  8/10.

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