Watching: Event 2

A large group of boys in their late teens and early twenties enter the main hallway in the Gardner-Webb Football Center. A few of them dap each other up and exchange in conversation. All of their conversation sounds like they know what the meeting is about. As more boys enter more banter is exchanged.

“Hey man it’s finally happening!”

“I know man, finally!”

“They need to hurry this up, I got homework to do.”

“Who’s in the room now?”

“The coaches, Chuck Burch is talking to them!”

“Man, looks like they gone too!”

Camera men and a reporter walk in to the hallway and begin taking pictures and asking questions. The coaches then exit the room and the players are told to enter the room. The coaches stand on the wall as all of the young men take their seats. After the rustling of their seats stop there is complete silence as Chuck begins to talk.

“Coach Patton’s a great guy and a great coach, but we have decided to make a change in the coaching staff and he will not be returning next year. It was a tough decision to make as we had to take many things in account, but in the end we did what we thought was best. We have already begun the search for a new head coach. We hope to find somebody that is a good Christian and embodies the morals we want to present. So, until further notice players will report to their individual coaches; who will be acting as intern coaches. Are there any questions?”

As the players exit the reporter begins to ask them questions about the meeting. Some players exit quickly while others stay around and talk to the coaches.

“I think it was a good decision. I thought it would have happened sooner, but I knew that it would happen eventually.” said Jr. TE James Dugas.

The athletes begin aspiring to who their new head coach might be as all of them continue with their normal day to day lives.

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  1. Harrison,

    You have played catch-up a good part of the semester, but you have done it, for the most part. Your last stories, the literary pieces, are not bad–they do catch the flavor we are looking for–but they are just too short, sort of half-stories. When it comes to your profiles, which we have talked about on a couple of occasions, what you have done it not badly written. It just has no form to it. Or, rather, it has the wrong form. If you look at what you have here, each one of the three stories is one long paragraph. It is not in any kind of literary form. We need it broken into paragraphs and written as you have the two literary pieces. I have tried to read my way through them, which is not easy, and they are written fairly well. If only they were “fixed.” Grade for the course this semester is a B-.

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