Fun, Stressful, Athletic Training

When Maggie Lindsey took Sports Medicine in high school little did she would fall in love. Now a senior in college she is the President of the Athletic Training Student Club. It’s easy to see how the studious young lady achieved such a position as she pulled out her notes to begin studying for her final. Although she loves athletic training she did not think she would be at this position her freshman year. “Freshman year I quit athletic training! I was afraid of failure and didn’t think I would have the G.P.A. to stay in the program. In the end my grades were good enough and Kevin Jones the senior athletic trainer called me to get me back in the program. All it took was one e-mail to the athletic director and I was back in baby.”  When asked how she arrived at Gardner-Webb University she said she had come on an athletic training visitation day and fell in love with the campus; so she applied right away. “I loved the feel of community and I wanted to go to a smaller private Christian school so I could strengthen my relationship with Christ.” When she actually arrived for school it was an entirely different story she said while flipping through her notes. “I hated it here, I wasn’t making friends, and I wanted to transfer! I had made friends over the summer during camp that went to Erskine; another small private school and I felt I should have gone there instead.” Eventually she would start to make friends and continue her studies in athletic training. When asked what she loves about athletic training she smiled and gave a simple answer, “ I love sports, helping people, and medicine and athletic training pretty much combines all three.”. She claims her job as President to be stressful at times since she has to run all the meetings and voice the student’s concerns to the officials, but she has enjoyed it the past two years. “I have been involved in 5 sports; football, women’s soccer, wrestling, men’s basketball, and track and field. Also I will be starting with swimming next semester.” Maggie is also a member of  the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), a Student Admissions Associate, a Bible Study Leader, and works for the Athletic Training Education Program. After graduating she plans to attend graduate school at either ODU, UT Knoxville, or Liberty for a degree in Sports Administration. After graduate school she plans to work for Athletes in Action.

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