A Glimmer of Hope

“We are choosing hope over fear.”  These few select words can summarize Obama’s entire speech. The speech itself covered what hope has done for our nation over the years. How now was the time we could finally come together for a common cause. His nomination as the democratic candidate was born from this hope and this dream.  He plans on taking this hope to the white house as well strongly stating “Because that’s how we’ll win in November…”. He then continues to talk of what kind of president he would be for his people and how he would try to make things better for our nation.  The enthusiasm he presented  draws the audience with well put together phrases of unity and peace.  Bringing together democrats and republicans is just the beginning as he states he will use both parties to bring jobs back to America, fix our healthcare, end tax breaks for big companies, and create a tax cut for the working class people.  Towards the middle of the speech he takes our hope to the future. How we will begin to create a healthier, safer world for our future generations. He then takes us back to change and how this moment was the start of that change. A change that could lead to affordable health care and an end to the war in Iraq.  A change that has begun to shape the minds of people all across the nation. Then to finish its off he ties back in his main theme of hope. How it was hope the created this country and how its “what led the greatest of generations to free a continent and heal a nation…”. Hope is what led him there and this was just the beginning of the great change that is to come.

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