For those who are opposed to affirmative action, it should be known that there are many other preferences given to many college students every year that gets them accepted into college over more qualified students.

This was the overall message in a speech given by Regina Smith in an honors communication course at Prince George’s Community College.  Regina is a working adult who has a full-time job for the Federal Government and attends college courses in the evening. The speech itself tackled the issue of affirmative action and fairness by focusing on the other preferences students can also get.

“Even our esteemed President Bush was a legacy admission to a high school, college, and even—the White House.”  This quote was given by Regina as an example of legacy admissions.  This is a preference where students can get into a school just because they had a relative that graduated from it.  Some schools like the University of Virginia and Notre Dame University accept over fifty percent of its freshman due to legacy.

Another preference mentioned is that of athletes.  It’s is known that athletes do not have to have as high GPAs or SAT scores as normal student, yet they are still accepted into college.  “Many athletic programs would collapse without the talented athletes who are given preference in admissions.”   They make it easier for athletes to get into college, yet half of collegiate athletes actually get a degree.’

Some colleges like the University of Southern California factor in economic standards.  Students from poorer backgrounds get into school easier than those who are barely living in middle class households.

If we do away with affirmative action we should do away with all other preferences.

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  1. Harrison,

    Once you get into the story it goes pretty well. But it’s necessary to work on two things to bring this up to where it needs to be. First, the lead is weak. It should really be a carefully picked quotation, one that does get to the heart of what she wants to say. This one doesn’t get that said. Second, the speech is fairly long and complex, and you must do not have enough of the speech in your story. From your story the reader would be confused, not understanding her unique and really good argument. We need to do some reworking here. OK?

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